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Well, when Indu from Indus International Kitchen and later Miceala from Easy Italian Cuisine invited me to take part in the Writing Process Blog, i hardly knew about what it was but eventually i liked the idea and decided to take part. So you might ask what is “Writing Process Blog Tour”? This is yet another way of getting to know fellow bloggers, to learn about their writing process and introduce others to fellow bloggers. Basically, this writing process blog tour is a chain journey (some what same, like the blog awards) but here we talk more about our writing process. This is done by answering few questions, publishing the post and inviting / nominating 3 other bloggers to post in the following week. And they in turn invite 3 others who post the following week and the writing process blog tour continues as a chain. Yes, that is it!!

So firstly, thank you Indu for inviting me to take part in this tour. You have to check out her blog – Indu’s International Kitchen. Her blog features a fantastic collection of traditional Kerala recipes which are known for that exotic mix of coconut and spices, as well as various other International cuisines. So do check out her blog!

And i am grateful to Miceala of Easy Italian Cuisine for nominating for this writing process blog tour. She is a recent blogger friend who authors fantastic and an amazing collection of authentic and easy Italian recipes. I like to know about various other cuisines around the world, their food culture and eating habits. So i simply love her blog for the true Italian food and dishes she authors. Thank you Miceala for nominating me to be a part of this. So go ahead and check out her blog.

Here are the questions that I have been asked to address in this tour and these are the same questions that I will ask of the nominees:

1.  What am I working on?

I love to learn about the food we eat, the process involved in cooking, food cultures that is associated with and the food related stories which makes the moments in life much more memorable. So i basically cherish and document those traditional recipes, record my culinary adventures, explore – learn – try various vegetarian cuisines in my kitchen from around the world, thus paving the way to revisit memories and relive them anytime. I have a huge collection of recipes – both traditional and new dishes from other cuisines to try in my kitchen, photograph and blog about. Plus, i am also working out on food, health and nutrition related topics.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

 Well, the recipes are simple and everyday vegetarian dishes found in any Indian household. They are delicious, might be a little towards the spicier side but authentic. My main focus is on bringing forward nutritious Indian food, their importance and the role they play for a healthy living.

3.  Why do I write what I do?

As i have already mentioned before, i write to recreate, cherish and document the authentic Indian vegetarian food and thereby to revisit memories and relive them anytime. Cooking is such a joyful and creative thing to do and i want to share that joy and love with you all.

4.  How does my writing process work?

My primary focus is to share the recipe, the stories and memories behind those cooking processes, cooking related adventures and the complete creative processes involved with it.

Now, I would like to introduce  3 other bloggers whom I have come to greatly admire and who also so kindly agreed to join me on this tour and share their writing process stories! Here are these 3 blogs in no particular order. Do check these blogs out:

Tale of Two Tomatoes – Shalini from the Tale of Two Tomatoes blogs about her cooking adventures, personal musings, writings and her wonderful way of telling stories. What i like most about her blog is her simple, down to earth posts, everyday musings and her cooking adventures in the kitchen as a newly married. Oh do check out her blog and you will simply love her posts.

Cooking Delight – Jayeeta is a lovely warm person in whose blog i came across at the very early stage of my blogging days. She authors a wonderful blog Cooking Delight, which has a much fantastic byline – Cooking can be a pastime, a form of art and an easy reach to one’s heart. And i literally fell for it!. You must check her blog for an amazing collection of authentic Bengali recipes, baking and other international delicacies. One look at her blog, you will simply love it!!

Aromas and Flavors from my Kitchen – A recent blogger friend who thinks that – Aromas and flavors trigger so many memories of wonderful days gone by. I completely second her, as the food gives that strong wonderful connection to each and every moment in our life.  She authors a wide variety of recipes and the happy moments associated with food. You must check out her blog!

I am so happy and grateful to have gotten connected with all these wonderful blogger friends! So, check their lovely blogs out and be on the lookout for their Writing Process Blog Tour next week June 16th 2014!


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