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I’m Aiswarya, the author, home chef, photographer, stylist, culinary enthusiast, foodie with a passion for good food, joy of cooking, healthy living, behind the scenes of My Kitchen Moments, based out of Chennai, India.

Why My Kitchen Moments?

I have always found food and cooking to be therapeutic. Having always been a vegetarian, eating all home-made to me, is the best way to eat well, stay vegetarian and healthy.  My biggest inspiration for cooking is my mum and grandmother, who encourage home cooking with fresh, seasonal and locally available ingredients from the scratch.

The idea behind the blog is to recreate, cherish and document those magical culinary moments, share the recipes that worked for me and learn new recipes. My new found love for baking made me to explore home-baked goodies such as healthy cakes, cookies, breads, etc. and you will find healthy baking as well in the blog.

Here in My Kitchen Moments, i share the flavors of 100% pure vegetarian, Authentic Indian Cuisine filled with spices, a dash of sweetness, made from scratch recipes, and a simple, everyday, delicious, native or regional, traditional festive cum contemporary, wholesome and healthy delicacies prepared from the freshest ingredients and also some of the family favorites from around the world.

Food Photography

Food photography is new to me but i am slowly and steadily learning the art and skills of it. All the recipes posted here are my own unless otherwise specified. If a recipe is inspired from another source, then i give due credit and expect the same in return. Thanks for taking the time and looking around.

About Using my Content and Photos

I put in a serious amount of time and effort in creating content that shapes this blog. All the content and photographs on this blog unless otherwise mentioned are my copyrighted work and may not be used or reproduced without permission. If you would like to use or feature any of my images or recipes on your blog or website, ASK ME FIRST.

If you have any comments, suggestions or general feedback, i would love to hear from you.

You can email me at  – tomykitchenmoments(at)gmail(dot)com

I can be found on,

Instagram – mykitchenmoments

Twitter – My Kitchen Moment

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so glad to have found yours. I LOVE Indian food and will be browsing through your blog for recipes. Looking forward to more posts as well! Yay! 😀


  2. Dear Aiswarya, I’m moving my blog from wordpress.com to a selfhosted site. If you wish to still receive an email when there is a new post on mademoisellegourmande.com, you need to subscribe again. I’m very sorry for that but would love if you’d keep on following! 🙂


        1. I have read a lot about self hosting and all. But i find it to be really difficult. But would love to get few tips from you regarding self hosting, how to go about and things like that. Would really appreciate….


  3. Suddenly see your blog and love it immeditely by the way you are writing and sharing your foods and cooking. Hope to learn more about Indian foods via this amazing blog. Wish you always happy 🙂


      1. Hi, sorry for replying too late. I am a bit busy these days then not check this so regularly. My blog is written in Vietnamese only but for any Vietnamese foods that you find interesting and if you like, please be sure that I would be happy to help you by translating their receips into English for your reference :). Just let me know


    1. Hiiii Chan, i am doing good. Actually got a bit tied up with studies and internship, and got a Dietitian job. Will be back to blogging soon. How are you? How is your food technology related work going?


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