Brah Cuisine · Vatha Kozhambu, Poritha kozhambu & Pitlai Varieties

Pavakkai Pitla / Bittergourd Pitla

I know I know!! My unintended break from food blogging turned out to be quite a long one. Though I had initially planned to make some time for blogging, but could not keep up as planned, because of my higher studies and internship work. But I would always think of coming back to food blogging… Continue reading Pavakkai Pitla / Bittergourd Pitla

Vatha Kozhambu, Poritha kozhambu & Pitlai Varieties

Manathakkaali Uppadan

Uppadan is a very traditional Palakkad (Palakkad is a district in Kerala) Brahmin style side dish. It is a very easy to prepare and a classic Palakkadan recipe. Though most of the dishes or recipes from Kerala have the specialty of having coconut in it - coconut either be in the form of shredded coconut… Continue reading Manathakkaali Uppadan