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Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie

I know, i know.. I have been away for quite sometime. Been busy with my studies, internship and gaining work experience in multi-specialty hospitals, and in the midst, getting married to an awesome human. YES! It was one roller coaster ride. Now i am back to my favorite, which is cooking and home baking. Have… Continue reading Eggless Chocolate Walnut Brownie

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Pavakkai Pitla / Bittergourd Pitla

I know I know!! My unintended break from food blogging turned out to be quite a long one. Though I had initially planned to make some time for blogging, but could not keep up as planned, because of my higher studies and internship work. But I would always think of coming back to food blogging… Continue reading Pavakkai Pitla / Bittergourd Pitla

One Pot Meals/ Rice Varieties- Pulao& Biriyanis

Channa Pulao

My mother once told me, ‘Life has its way of throwing us down. It is absolutely upon us whether we want to get back up or not. And we must choose a way to get back up, face the challenges in life and move ahead’. And when I find myself in such a situation, I… Continue reading Channa Pulao


Simple Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup is one easy to prepare, simple and humble soup. Daddy dearest always calls it to be the cousin of the South Indian Tomato Rasam. And when we as a family go out for dinner, we end up going straight to having the main course and not the starter/ soup. Nobody at home prefers… Continue reading Simple Tomato Soup

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Eat and Relish Nellikkai / Amla / Indian Gooseberry

Recently when I went to the market to buy vegetables, I found some fresh, green Nellikkai / Amla / Indian Gooseberries. I picked up these little beauties to make some instant nellikkai oorugaai (also called as the Amla pickle). I even discussed with my mom the possibilities of making various recipes by using these gooseberries.… Continue reading Eat and Relish Nellikkai / Amla / Indian Gooseberry

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Tulsi Tea – Holy Basil Tea / Basil Leaves Tea

So this is my first post of the New Year 2015. Yes I know, i know its already 20th, but I felt like I have to mention it as it is my first post for this year. Sure 2014 had its ups and downs. But what is life, without its usual ups and downs. “We… Continue reading Tulsi Tea – Holy Basil Tea / Basil Leaves Tea

Thiru Karthikai

Nel Pori Urundai Recipe – Puffed Paddy Rice Balls mixed with Jaggery syrup and ghee

Nel Pori Urundai aka Puffed Paddy Rice balls with jaggery is one of the traditional neivedhyam dishes prepared on the auspicious occasion of Thirukarthigai / Karthigai deepam. Though Pori urundai is mainly made by using Arisi Pori (called as Puffed rice), it can also be prepared using Nel Pori (freshly acquired rice from paddy fields).… Continue reading Nel Pori Urundai Recipe – Puffed Paddy Rice Balls mixed with Jaggery syrup and ghee

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Aloo Tikki – Spiced Potato Patties

Aloo Tikki is one of the most popular North Indian street food. It is basically made of boiled and mashed potatoes mixed with various herbs and spices. It is then deep-fried in oil. Well, you may all know that "Aloo" means potato and "Tikki" means a small cutlet or also called as patties. Aloo tikki… Continue reading Aloo Tikki – Spiced Potato Patties

Vatha Kozhambu, Poritha kozhambu & Pitlai Varieties

Manathakkaali Uppadan

Uppadan is a very traditional Palakkad (Palakkad is a district in Kerala) Brahmin style side dish. It is a very easy to prepare and a classic Palakkadan recipe. Though most of the dishes or recipes from Kerala have the specialty of having coconut in it - coconut either be in the form of shredded coconut… Continue reading Manathakkaali Uppadan